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Terrell Hinds

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My Story

W. Terrell Hinds serves as the Vice President of Development & Operations. His role varies depending on the day & season whether in transportation or in parking and traffic services. Terrell is a seasoned leader in sales and event knowledge in numerous cities across the US. He is constantly working on budgets for both transportation and parking services, networking with current and potential clients, and balancing the ebs & flows of an event. He also has a knack for applying new technology and livery/logistics software to benefit ATT within the event industry.

Terrell also serves as a hands-on program director when on-site at events. Within this role he ensures correct signage is placed on each equipment, pre-event meeting agendas, schedules drivers sign in and sign out times as well as breaks and controls the bus dispatching. For parking and traffic services he coordinates the staff and the traffic flow necessary for each special event; whether it’s particular cone patterns, parking vehicles, cashiering, lot management, checking credentials, and much more. 

Over the course of 13 years, he has risen from a liaison to a position with much responsibility. Terrell has been an asset as the company continues to evolve and increase the variety of events each year in both transportation and parking/traffic service.

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