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Event transportation that coordinates logistics for small or large groups.

Convention transportation services are specialized transportation options that cater to the needs of individuals attending conventions, conferences, trade shows, and other large-scale events. These services are designed to provide convenient and efficient transportation solutions for attendees, ensuring they can move between different venues, hotels, and other locations related to the event.

Here are some common features and services offered by convention transportation services:

  • Shuttles: Convention transportation services often operate shuttle buses or vans that run on specific routes, picking up and dropping off attendees at designated stops. Shuttles are a popular and cost-effective way to transport a large number of people between event venues and hotels.

  • On-Site Coordination: Convention transportation services often provide on-site staff or coordinators who manage the transportation logistics during the event. They ensure smooth operations, monitor schedules, assist attendees, and handle any issues or changes that may arise.

  • Event Planning Logistics: ATT offers additional convention transportation services such as planning assistance, helping organizers determine the most efficient transportation routes, advising on timing and logistics, and providing customized transportation solutions tailored to the event’s unique requirements. Transportation logistics for off-site events, such as after parties, dinner parties, and other events, are coordinated and managed by us.


  • Airport Meet and Greet Program: We  take your manifest and design a meet & greet program that fits your needs. Airport Meet and Greet Program services offer airport transfer options to transport attendees from the airport to their hotels or the event location. This service can include meet-and-greet arrangements, where a staff greets the attendees at the airport. 

  • Private Transportation: For VIPs or individuals seeking more personalized transportation, convention transportation services may offer private cars, limousines, or luxury vehicles. These options provide a higher level of comfort and privacy for attendees.

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Convention Services

Event transportation that coordinates logistics for small or large groups.

ATT_Icons_Contract Shuttle 1.png

Contract Shuttles

Transportation of people on or off campus, corporate premises, or offsite locations. 

ATT_Icons_Parking 1.png

Parking Services

Monitoring parking facilities, ingress and egress  planning, traffic flows.  

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Sports & Music Events

Transportation for members of the team, bands, staff, and alumni groups.

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VIP / Meet & Greet

Your driver will meet you at baggage claim and take you to your destination

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