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Transportation for members of the team, bands, staff, and alumni groups.

Sports and entertainment events transportation management involves coordinating and organizing transportation services for participants, teams, bands, alumni groups, spectators, and staff attending such events. This includes planning, logistics, and execution of transportation solutions to ensure smooth and efficient movement of people to and from the event venue. 


American Transportation and Tours understands the transportation needs and requirements for your event. Even understanding that contingency planning is necessary, we have a lot of experience in creating plans for sports and musical events.


In addition to the event location and anticipated attendance, parking options, public transportation options, and special VIP or performance requirements, there are many other factors to consider. Identify the most appropriate transportation routes after taking into account the venue access and accessibility of the event venue. Secure permits and permissions for transportation operations in coordination with local authorities, traffic management teams, and venue operators. Determine the appropriate transportation modes based on the location and scale of the event. Depending on the event and the available infrastructure, buses, shuttles, taxis, and limousines
may be used. 

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Convention Services

Event transportation that coordinates logistics for small or large groups.

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Contract Shuttles

Transportation of people on or off campus, corporate premises, or offsite locations. 

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Parking Services

Monitoring parking facilities, ingress and egress  planning, traffic flows.  

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Sports & Music Events

Transportation for members of the team, bands, staff, and alumni groups.

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VIP / Meet & Greet

Your driver will meet you at baggage claim and take you to your destination

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