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You can depend on our dedicated, trained, and experienced transportation experts for all of your transportation needs.

American Transfers and Tours service helps groups move efficiently, safely, and conveniently by coordinating and organizing transportation solutions. Our years of experience allow us to provide a variety of transportation services.  

Our transportation management service includes the following components:


  • Determine the most efficient mode of transportation, a transportation plan and schedule are designed based on the specific needs of an individual or group.

  • We only use DOT vehicles that have been properly maintained and are up to all DOT guidelines. 

  • To ensure efficient transportation, route optimization techniques are used. We use algorithms and real-time data to determine the best routes, taking factors such as traffic congestion, road conditions, and time constraints into account.

  • American Transfers and Tours prioritize passenger safety and security, including implementing safety protocols, monitoring driver behavior, and providing emergency response systems.

  • Customer Support: Effective customer support is essential for transportation management services. It involves addressing inquiries, handling complaints, and providing assistance to passengers before, during, and after their journeys.


Convention Services

Event transportation that coordinates logistics for small or large groups.

ATT_Icons_Contract Shuttle 1.png

Contract Shuttles

Transportation of people on or off campus, corporate premises, or offsite locations. 

ATT_Icons_Parking 1.png

Parking Services

Monitoring parking facilities, ingress and egress  planning, traffic flows.  

ATT_Icons_Sporting events 1.png

Sports & Music Events

Transportation for members of the team, bands, staff, and alumni groups.

ATT_Icons_VIP Meet and Greet 1.png

VIP / Meet & Greet

Your driver will meet you at baggage claim and take you to your destination

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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