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Monitoring parking facilities, ingress and egress  planning, traffic flows. 

Providing parking services for large-scale meetings, conferences, music festivals, and sporting events to ensure smooth operations. American Transportation and Tours ensures your guests will have a positive experience from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave, from parking lot layout and traffic flow designs to operational planning and on-site management. The Traffic Management team works closely with local authorities to ensure a smooth flow of traffic around the event venue. To minimize congestion and facilitate safe travel, they coordinate road closures, detours, and signage.

The management of parking facilities involves planning, designing, building, and maintaining these facilities. In addition to determining the parking area’s layout, signage, access control, and security measures, capacity management must be considered.

In order to ensure compliance with parking regulations and maintain order, parking services often include enforcement activities. The job may involve monitoring or payment systems, and managing parking passes. Others job may also include cashiers and staffing. 

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Convention Services

Event transportation that coordinates logistics for small or large groups.

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Contract Shuttles

Transportation of people on or off campus, corporate premises, or offsite locations. 

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Parking Services

Monitoring parking facilities, ingress and egress  planning, traffic flows.  

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Sports & Music Events

Transportation for members of the team, bands, staff, and alumni groups.

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VIP / Meet & Greet

Your driver will meet you at baggage claim and take you to your destination

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