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The use of vehicles outside of our own fleet is no small concern. As you have put your trust in us to ensure the safety of your attendees, we must be able to expect the same out of our transportation partners. We work
with the same pool of companies year-round. These companies are selected by meeting the
following criteria:

  1. Must be in business for 5+ years

  2. Have an established, enforced DOT approved drug and alcohol policy

  3. Require new driver training and recurring driver training to maintain safety retention

  4. Each driver has a current CDL, Class A or B with a passenger endorsement

  5. Set disciplinary action, in the unlikely event of misconduct

Transportation partners must carry the following limits of liability: $5M auto liability, $1M General Business and a minimum of $500K in workers compensation coverage. Proof of insurance is requested with the necessary additionally insured added with a waiver of subrogation.

Thanks for submitting!

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