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Professional ​info.


​American Transfers & Tours launched in 1985, since our beginning we've worked closely with key event leaders and a variety of event types. Our work takes us throughout the country and we love it! Get to know our staff in the short bio's below. ​




Bill Hinds


Bill is the owner and president of American Transfers & Tours. He has over 40 years of experience and grew up learning the transportation industry. Hinds is active in day to day operations and takes pride in the work he and his team accomplish. As of last year he won a prestigious award for his unyielding service to his work industry and city. Bill also served as chair person of transportation for ASAE (2012) & PCMA (2010) here in Dallas!

Moving People

 Ground transportation for:

  • Conventions
  • Events
  • Special occasions

Logisitical routing

Airport meet & greets

VIP Programs

On-site coodinators


Trained staff

Uniformed and on-time

Debbie Travis

Vice President

2010 - present

Debbie is Vice President of ATT and a very talented one at that. She has spent 20 years managing marketing campaigns, running mulitple convention & event projects as well as overseeing accounting and HR. Debbie served as the transportation chair for ABA in Dallas in 2012 & 2007. The focus & leadership she possesses have been imperative to ATT's success.

Terrell Hinds

Vice President, Bus Operations

2010 - present

Terrell is the Vice President of Bus Operations.  In short, he has a number of roles to play. He cares for our buses, driver dispatching and tracking driver's records. Terrell also serves as a program director when on-site at events. Within the course of three years he has risen to a position with many responsibilities and proven himself as a true asset to the company and industry.

Brandy Jamerson

Director Charter Sales & Services

Brandy is critical to the work ATT accomplishes. Her primary role is quoting and booking, charter bus and  ground transportation for groups ranging in sizes. She also coordinates ground charter bus transportation throughout the country, even Canada!


We want your feedback:

We want feedback/ testimonials, things we can share so that others have an opporutnity to see what ATT can bring to an event. Send us your feedback/ comments/ photos at

Safety and Satisfaction:

American Transfers and Tours strives to provide the safest means of travel. We ensure that our drivers are Federal DOT certified, familiar with the location in which they are traveling, and trained on use of two way radios & cell phones (which are only used when stopped). We wish to provide the very best in customer service at all times. Our goal is to provide the transportation and staff that will entice you to use our company time after time.

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